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Our teachers designed our programs and they designed the curriculum based on the “Natural Approach.” This method, developed by Stephen Krashen, focuses on teaching a language in a similar way we learned our first, through self discovery and meaningful usage. This means we don’t overemphasize grammatical rules or structures by spending valuable class time explaining them in detail. We don’t want you to always be thinking about grammar rules and the exceptions, but rather, you learn what is “right” through extensive practice.

Another important aspect of this method is focusing on what students want to study. We have a curriculum, but each class is greatly influenced by our students. The most successful students are the ones who are interested in what they are learning. Therefore, our teachers are expected to be flexible and allow students to shape what we teach. Our goal as teachers it to help you develop motivation and interest in studying English. As students, we expect you to strive to be good language learners.

English can take a lot of time to master. Make sure you spend your time wisely.

After School

Children can be in an English environment Monday to Friday, from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. THIS IS NOT A CLASS. The goal of this program is to have fun, develop creativity, build teamwork skills, and think critically in an English environment. This is for children of all English abilities. 

Young Learners

Our children’s program is designed to get kids not only interested in learning English but also communicating with their classmates. Classes two days a week. For children 4-12 years old.

Our Programs

English for Everyone

This is our affordable communication program. Each level is only 1 million VND per month! Students typically study two days a week, but they also have an option to add our “Experiment” class once a week. The Experiment Class is to provide extra time to practice the material, learn new things, develop study skills, or get some more practical experience with English.

Small Group

This is our communication program for students who are looking for a small class size. Classes meet three days a week, and the maximum class size is only 8 students.


Our IELTS test preparation is an 8 week course designed to familiarize yourself with the exam. In order to take the class, you should have at least an intermediate level understanding of English (IELTS 5.0 or above / Finished level 3 at The Lab).

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